Setting up a business

We offer comprehensive services, from tax analysis to filing
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(350 zł)

execution time:
5 days

Limited liability
(Sp. z o.o.)


(2200 zł)


execution time:
14 days

(350 PLN)

For the needs of uncle Google and his intelligent search engine, I will offer you a few banal news about starting a company in Poland. It doesn’t matter that this information is common to a million other websites, work needs to be done 😉

A sole proprietorship – it is the simplest form of running your own business, its registration in CEIDG is free, unless you use the Law Firm’s service, then it is definitely not free .. You can register it via the Internet – the requirement to have an ePUAP account, or by authorizing registration by visiting the nearest office municipalities or cities. The form of sole proprietorship does not require the creation of capital to start an enterprise.

You can set up a limited liability company in two ways: traditionally, in the form of a notarial deed or via the Internet, on the S24 portal operated by the Ministry of Justice.

Registration via the Internet is a good form for simple companies set up individually or those that do not have non-standard provisions in their contracts. Registration via the Internet gives less opportunities to shape a company agreement than establishing a company with a notary public. When establishing a company electronically, the financial year will be equal to the calendar year, the share capital will be covered only with cash contributions, and the sale of shares will be regulated only in two ways.

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