Tax Advisory

Also on-line (Google Meet), per email and telephone

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Apart for tax advisory for companies and natural persons conducting business activity, we offer expertise on the following issues, i.a.:

  • inheritance and endownments,
  • sale/purchase of real estate,
  • tax on income generated abroad,
  • annual tax returns,
  • labour law.

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A tax adviser is basically a very clever, educated and successful person, whom an average person is afraid of. This is because people take the tax adviser for someone like a civil servant. People are not happy when they have to take advantage of the adviser services, since they believe that he or she bandies regulations and laws about and after leaving a very elegant office, he or she still does not understand anything. Are you also afraid of it? Find out that it is different in my case (it is known that everybody says so). Notwithstanding the following, very professional description of services, I am above all a normal person, a man of flesh and blood, with a distance to myself and to my profession. I wish to convince you that tax law can be fascinating 🙂
The following is the description necessary and required by search engines:
As part of the service, I ensure easy contact, embedding the advice in the nature of the Client’s business, quick and timeliness order execution, recommendations on how to act, indication of possible forms of optimisation and flexible forms of advice (telephone, e-mail, online).
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