Welcome at our Accounting Office

My name is Natalia Gorczyca and I’m the owner of the Accounting Office, a full-service accounting   firm   offering   a   broad   range   of   services   for   business   owners, executives and independent professionals. Please feel free to browse through our services and see what we can do for you.

The Office was set up in 2000. With our good knowledge of English and German we are happy to assist international customers.


My name is Natalia Gorczyca and since 2000 I have been running the Tax Advisory and   Accounting   Office.   I   am   a   certified   tax   advisor,   and   obtaining   the   certificate involved years of hard study, as in Poland it is exceptionally hard to get. Since I am the ambitious type, I also mastered two languages and nowadays I love to talk, advise, discuss things in English and German, and of course also to crack jokes and just chat. I am a rather restless soul, with a head full of new ideas and I incessantly like to improve, modify and restructure things, so boredom is not my thing. My life motto is “Everything is possible”, which I strongly believe in. Running the Office gives me true pleasure, and working with people – pure joy. I like what I do, and I would say that the success of my firm comes from combining passion with commitment of the entire team.


My name is Karolina Kozłowska and together with Natalia Gorczyca I’m running the Tax Advisory and Accounting Office. By nature I am very meticulous, which is why I have been   assigned   the   role   of   auditor   in   our   Office.   I   verify   bookkeeping   records, calculations, pay rolls, tax forms, I point out mistakes, underline, highlight, strike items off and pick on everything round the clock. However, I’m doing my best not to rip up documents  and  hurl  files  at   others,  and  keep my  temper  under   control. 🙂 I  keep learning new things and recently, I’m committed to HR issues. At our Office we always try to give one another a helping hand, and so I do a lot of problem solving and mentoring,   and   also   look   after   new   interns.   As   people   find   me   to   have   great organisational skills, my duties involve organizing our firm’s events and trips, such as hiking in the mountains, kayaking, camping or bike trips. Every co-worker would say that I’m a self-confident person, therefore during negotiations I am given the lead and yes, I do feel then like a fish in the water. I am lucky to have a job I really like, and to work with such nice, quick to smile ladies. Because this is what our team is like: dynamic, open-minded and positive.


My name is Aleksandra Jaroń. I decided to apply for the job in this Office after I have read the employee  profiles posted on the website. And since I always get what I set my mind on (if it’s an exam – I’ll pass it with flying colours, a diet – I’ll lose weight, university program – get the degree), I quickly joined the team. I am rather courageous and a challenge-seeker, so I never get overwhelmed by really demanding tasks (for example, a balance statement or a pay roll for one hundred persons that must be delivered almost offhand). After work I unwind with a good read or movie.  


My   name   is   Hanna   Trynka   and   my   mission   is   to   defy   the   stereotype   of   a   boring,   humourless accountant.   Somehow,   by   nature,   I   have   lots   of   enthusiasm   which,   as   they   say,   I   infect everyone with, including my clients and co-workers. I believe that life is easier for positively minded people, so I’m generous with smiles and stubbornly optimistic. I’m a huge animal lover, so I always try to save even the tiniest living creature, taking every wayward ladybird, ant, spider or beetle out to the garden. I’m also crazy about maintaining my top model figure, which results in me having a VIP pass to almost all fitness clubs in Szczecin. 🙂


My name is Klaudia Maślanka. After I was awarded my master’s degree, and without any desire to become a boring accountant, I started working with this Office, where any routine is absent and adrenaline is warrantied. Working time passes by instantly and, before you know it, everything is done. In my leisure time, of which I have a lot, when I do not run a marathon I take part in a triathlon. I often time engage in sports competitions, for a simply love rivalry. My strengths i.e. stamina, regularity and ambition are useful both in practicing sports and in the Office.