biuro rachunkowe szczecin

We run our Office largely based on the Internet, which enables us to cater for needs of our clients based outside Szczecin (with a little help of the Polish Post), e.g. from Wrocław, Kołobrzeg, Myślibórz. We maintain contacts via emails, we forward electronic statements to the national social security (ZUS), we send complete summaries on income, costs, taxes to be paid, provide counselling etc. to our clients. ZUS, send In this way, at the client`s request, visits at the Office may be curtailed to a minimum. Certainly we do not discriminate traditional clients - here the TP SA is our supporter.

We offer our services in the following scope:

  • Maintenance of account ledgers;
  • Maintenance of income and tax deductibles ledgers;
  • Maintenance of personnel and payroll documentation;
  • Preparation and submittal of tax statements;
  • Maintenance of income records for the purposes of lump sum income tax;
  • Settlement of accounts between taxpayers and employees and social security;
  • Assistance at establishment and termination of business;
  • Other services with respect to book-keeping and accounting to order;

Our Office maintains a third party liability insurance.