biuro rachunkowe szczecin

I am Natalia Gorczyca and I am the owner of the captioned Office.
Please have a look at what we offer.

I graduated from the Szczecin University, Faculty of Economics, as well as I completed post-graduate studies on accounting. In 2001, just after having received my Qualification Certificate by the Ministry of Finance I opened my accounting office.

In 2003 I passed successfully an examination for tax advisors and started a one-year "hands-on" training at the tax office, tax chamber and tax control office in Szczecin. On October 26, 2006 I was awarded the title of a tax advisor No. 10546.


I am Karolina Kozłowska and I am a graduate from the faculty of economics at the Agricultural Academy of Szczecin. I have a flair for numbers after my Grandparents. Now that I could not quench my desire to put knowledge, I gained in my studies, into practice, as early as during my studies I commenced my career I had dreamt of. So I am an accountant to the satisfaction of my entire family and all acquaintances who annually leave heaps of the PIT statements to be filled out. I do enjoy my work because clients are nice and the boss makes sure I always have candies on my desktop. I love travelling, so I attend further development here and there. And that is all by now.


I am Sylwia Tomczak. I graduated from the Department of Economic Sciences and Management, the University of Szczecin. I took my first steps in book-keeping as early as during my studies. The job seemed to me so interesting that, after my maternity leave, I was back to work. I love nature, I do try to be 'at large' (mainly at my garden plot) as long as practicable, where I relax and recharge my batteries.


I am Justyna Grzelec and a graduate from the Economic Department at the Agricultural Academy and, as every inborn accountant I had sucked a liking to accounts with my mother's milk. In fact, the very first word I had uttered had not been the VAT; however, when I was presented with a calculator, I understood what tigers liked best! On serious terms, I started to deal with accounting at the secondary level education, at Economic Lycee No. 2 of Szczecin, and later on, throughout my studies I made my knowledge thereon comprehensive by taking part at scientfic conferences. Although I forget to water the plant on my desk and eat out my workmates' sandwiches, I fulfil my duties with a greatest care and diligence, I am fond of helping others and, in general, I am easygoing. At evenings, I read books or entertain at a bowling centre, and restore my strength for work by jogging.


I am Joanna Babińska and I am a student at the last term of the Finance and Banking, the University of Szczecin, Poland. Despite my previous on-the-job trainings, I had not comprehended true accounting until I took on the job at the Office. I do realise already, it is terribly complex matter. Fortunately, I have got experienced workmates who are very fond of chocolate and for three or four bars they willingly help unravel tangled threads of regulations. As I almost am Kashubian, I do not take any shortcuts while doing things, and I hike with Knaps through the native Bory Tucholskie. Jo! In my leisure time that is between reading acts of the Parliament and the Gazeta Podatkowa paper on taxation, I like hanging out with friends and sipping juice. And should anyone look for the fourth card player for the bridge, just call me up.


My name is Małgorzata Jaśkiewicz. Since my fifth year at university, I have been working at Natalia's Accounting Office, who reignited my interest for complex HR issues and various accounting documents. I adore invoices, receipts, excerpts, particularly those delivered up to the seventh day of the month, which are complete, chronologically arranged, with holes punched in the right places, numbered and meticulously annotated. I attend numerous courses which broaden and consolidate my knowledge. In my spare time I like to read, watch, cook, bake, sometimes fry and even burn...My Friday nights are dedicated to rest and entertainment, Saturdays are reserved for friends and visits to the theatre and Sundays are family days - ideal for a pastime which I adore - walking.